Once you register in our Galaxy, you get a specific Client ID and that together with your order instructions are the only two things visible for our writers. We take privacy very seriously and understand that you expect us to. Our support agents are the only ones who have some access to the information you provide in order to be able to contact you with any questions regarding your order and payment or when you order our VIP customer service extra. Take a look at our Privacy Policy for any questions you may have.

Yes, we do! We can complete a top-notch paper on time whether it’s an academic, business, or individual writing. If your order seems complicated, place a free inquiry and we will let you know within just 10 minutes if there’s an available writer and what the exact price for your order is.

Sorry, no! We never complete assignments that require us to log into any accounts.

Unfortunately, the pay-after-delivery option is not available. We specialize in the delivery of pre-paid writing services. Therefore, we have to reimburse the writers for their works in advance.

Yes! They are included in the total cost of the order. No extra payment needed!

By ordering the VIP customer service extra your order gets a top priority for our team. A specific team of VIP Client Managers, the best of our support team monitor your order and you also receive SMSnotifications about any updates directly to your phone.